Gynae Franchise

Gynae Franchise Opportunity

FEMCORP is a premium Gynecology product company which offers a complete range of Gyne products. Gynecology is a vast domain to cater and Biocorp Life Sciences has taken this initiative to launch the complete range of Tablets, Capsules, Soft Gels, Syrups and tonics along with Male Pro-fertility and Female Pro-fertility products. As we can see the market is flooded with general products all over. We at FEMCORP are providing you with a unique opportunity to join hands with a specialty to enter into the most versatile vertical of pharma industry. What do we have to offer? Femcorp offers and end to end marketing support to its clients which includes high quality products, Bags, Visual-aids / eVisual-aids, Literatures, Product cards, Reminder cards, Gifts and Incentives to our franchise distributors. We are best at our after sales service, which includes logistic support, quick updates, broadcast important updates directly on your mobile, Toll-Free number for support and much more. Get in touch with our marketing team to know more about FEMCORP franchise opportunity

We Stand By Our Franchise Partners!

FEMCORP comes with a rich experience into pharma with 3 already successful divisions viz General Range, Derma Range and now Gynae Range. We offer full support to our Franchise partners as and when required. We bring them the latest products to offer to the doctors. The company tries to over deliver its commitment which yields to happy customers

Every Franchise who has worked with us knows that we are an ethical company, the management of the company is highly qualified with rich pharma experience. The product we introduce are of high quality and meet our customer needs. FEMCORP also offers Pro-Fertility range to complete its product cycle. Since FEMCORP is a well established name in the market therefore we encourage our clients to try our products in their respective markets.

FEMCORP's Women healthcare awareness mission will make our nation healthy. We believe the medical needs of women deserve paramount importance. At FEMCORP, our efforts are focused on transforming women's lives to all age groups.
Our product development approach is highly innovative, it helps producing a wide range of products which includes pro-fertility, women health and male fertility product range. We ensure high quality product range for our end consumers so as to establish a strong belief system between company and the customers.
FEMCORP aspires to be an unmatched leader in the area of female healthcare, providing medical solutions at each step to empower women. Our aim is to be India’s best and comprehensive female health pharmaceutical company. Our multi dimensional approach brings high quality female healthcare products to serve you better.

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