Antifungal Medicine PCD Franchise in India – The rise in the spread of fungal infections especially in the rainy season is depicting the urgency to have undue attention to these infections. According to a healthcare report, the year 2022 has reported 70% more cases of fungal infections when compared to the last 5 years. To treat these irritating and troublesome fungal infections, doctors recommend using high-quality antifungal medicines. That is the reason why these medicines are highly demanded in the Indian market. Femcorp is the Top Antifungal Medicine PCD Franchise Company in India that manufactures and supplies a quality-approved range of antifungal medicines to bridge the gap between the needs and demands of patients.

Femcorp is an ISO-certified pharma company that owns GMP and WHO-authorized manufacturing facilities. The company is vastly experienced and brings innovative solutions to the market to help mankind live a better and healthier life. We are infused with modernistic resources and facilities that include in-house R&D labs, quality testing centers, packing areas, production houses, and much more. Choosing us for Antifungal Medicine PCD Franchise in India will permit you Full Business Rights and Profitable Deals, a high-quality Antifungal Medicine Range, and Scalable Income-Generating Opportunities.

Factors Contributing to the Profitable Scope of Antifungal Medicine PCD Franchise in India 

India is home to more than 1.60 billion inhabitants that possesses dynamic environmental and weather conditions which can be the root cause behind the fungal infection spread. The ever-changing climatic conditions, congested areas, humidity, lack of awareness, etc. are triggering fungal infections across PAN India. Research also suggests that India has accounted for a huge rise in the spread of infections and if not treated using the right medicines, these infections can turn out to be highly harmful.

It is now predicted that any pharma company or businessman that will supply quality Antifungal medicines in the country will earn better profits and returns. So, if you are looking to begin your business in the pharma sector and you wish to deal with a premium range of Antifungal medicines, then come and join hands with the Best Antifungal Medicine PCD Franchise in India, Femcorp. Work with us and get yourself an impeccable range at affordable prices.

Quality Validated Antifungal Medicine Range Offered at Genuine Prices

Backed by years of expertise and hi-tech resources, the Top Antifungal Medicine PCD Franchise Company in India, Femcorp has come up with a result-oriented range of Antifungal Medicines. The company offers medicines that are formulated after deep-rooted research using scientifically-researched ingredients. We have a highly experienced team of professionals working at the premises to ensure zero-defect production of medicines with no quality compromise.

Our trained experts ensure strict quality assurance of our complete antifungal medicine range along with intact packaging to keep them safe, hygienic, and spoilage-proof. Here is the range offered by us for the Antifungal Medicine PCD Franchise in India:

Itracorp-200 | Itraconazole 200mg Capsules: Infused with the active properties of Itraconazole, this medicine helps in the treatment of fungal infections such as infections of the lungs, mouth, fingernails, throat, and toenails.

Flumef-150 | Fluconazole Tablets I.P. 150 mg: Enrhcied with the properties of Fluconazole, this medicine is helpful in treating vaginal yeast infections and fungal infections.

Itracorp-100 | Itraconazole 100mg Capsules: With a potent agent Itraconazole, this medicine is used to treat and wide range of fungal infections including lungs, fingernails, toenails, mouth, and throat.

Femcorp – Best Antifungal Medicine PCD Franchise Company in India

When it comes to manufacturing and supplying an innovative range of premium-quality Antifungal Medicines, Femcorp comes first out of the queue. The company is registered with top legal authorities including ISO, GMP, and WHO plus we have world-class facilities wherein all the work is equally distributed and segregated according to their nature. The company promotes systemized research, development, testing, manufacturing, quality assessment, and packaging of the medicines and makes sure to deliver them within a fixed time period. Here are the reasons to get linked with the Top Antifungal Medicine PCD Franchise Company in India:

  1. We have spacious production units with modernistic amenities.
  2. Our team uses hi-tech machinery and equipment to manufacture medicines.
  3. All the products are hygienically packed under an ait-tight and leakage-proof covering.
  4. We ensure strict quality inspection of the products.
  5. Our products are shipped through a well-established logistics system.

How Femcorp Could be your Trusted Business Partner?

If you are planning to step foot into the pharma sector and you searching for a company that not only serves you with quality antifungal medicines but also provides you with profitable business deals, choosing Femcorp will be the right business decision. The company is integrated with everything that is required to start, run and expand business across PAN India. Here are the perks of choosing us for the Antifungal Medicine PCD Franchise in India:

  1. Full monopoly rights.
  2. Great profit margins.
  3. Timely product delivery.
  4. 24×7 customer assiatnce.
  5. Proper packing and labeling of the medicines

So, if you want to get yourself a highly demanded product range and want to earn profitable business deals, then take Antifungal Medicine PCD Franchise in India from India’s most trusted firm, Femcorp.

  • itracorp-200
    Itraconazole 200mg 10X1X10 ALU-ALU Itraconazole 200mg Capsules contain an active antifungal Itraconazole that works by treating fungal infections of the lungs, throat, mouth, fingernails, and toenails. […]
  • Fluconazole Tablets I.P. 150 mg
    Fluconazole Tablets I.P. 150 mg treat vaginal yeast infections and fungal infections of the mouth, throat, vagina, and other body parts. It contains Fluconazole, which stops […]
  • Itraconazole 100mg 10X1X4 ALU-ALU Itraconazole 100mg Capsules are used in the treatment of fungal infections of the mouth, fingernails, toenails, throat, lungs, and vagina. These capsules […]
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